Yeah Kiddo!

Yeah Kiddo! was a public access television program co-hosted and co-produced with Alejandra Alcala.  It was created during my time as a production intern for Berkeley Community Media and aired throughout the San Francisco Bay Area on Channel 28.  It was lo-fi, short-lived, and community-based — a snapshot in time of a group of artists, musicians, and indie movie theater workers living in Berkeley and Oakland, CA.

Media guide

A visual guide to analog and digital meda formats at UCLA Library Special Collections. Images are available to use under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.

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Red Rot visuals

Projected background visuals created for performances by Red Rot, a library/archives punk band from Los Angeles.  I created a cast of impish characters to enact the moods/concepts in Red Rot’s anarchic songs, which take on issues of cultural theft, labor and precarity, and best practices in the library/archives world. 

Click each image to see snippets for songs “Where’s Melissa?”, “Replevin”, and “Deaccession.”